We’re Saying Age Is Nothing But A Number

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They say age is just a number, right? That doesn’t apply just to individuals but also to companies as well. Just because a company has say, 50 years of experience in their field doesn’t mean they are automatically “better” than a younger company. You shouldn’t disregard a younger company because there are others who have been around longer.

Compare and contrast the services each company offers and their prices. Take a careful look at their fine prints. See if you can find any reviews on their companies from past individuals who have used their services. Evaluate where you benefit best and if that’s with the younger company, you need to give them a chance. They could very well take care of all your needs and exceed your expectations.

This applies to all industries, even those where your desperation is at its peak – the bail bond industry. With your loved one’s freedom on the line, it can be easy to go to the company who has been bailing people out the longest. But sometimes that’s not the best choice – sometimes there are other companies with still a lot of experience and success who you need on your side. Folsom Bail Bond Store has been in the industry for nearly 30 years and that in itself is pretty impressive.

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Before Hiring A Bail Bond Storeman To Help Your Case, You Need To Ask Them These Questions

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When seeking out a bail bondsman, you need to make sure to do proper initial research and to be assertive. Bail agents will help you but not all will treat you or respect you in the same regard. Some will help you, but really take advantage of you then abandon you. You need to protect yourself, your rights, your loved one who was arrested. Ask some questions before making a formal agreement to do business.

  • May I see your license please?
    This is not an insult to bail agents if you ask to see their license. It’s like asking a police officer to see their badge number. You’re just verifying they’re legitimate, you’re taking precautions so you’re not scammed.
  • What do you charge for your services?
    Not all bail bond companies offer the exact same services and the exact same rates. You’re of course looking for the best rates and the most flexible payment plans. You will want to look up former client reviews too to hear how other people’s experiences have gone.
  • Can I get that in writing, and can I get a copy please?
    Do not make any payments until you have a contract. Read over the contract carefully (fine print included) and make sure there are no hidden fees in there. Make sure you understand it before signing it. Ask multiple and/or repeat questions for clarification before signing it. If all is good, make sure to get a copy for your records.

It is true that unfortunately, there are some bail bond companies and bail agents who are not as trustworthy as they sound. Some are after your money, some are working with a suspended or restricted license, etc. We don’t want to make you nervous – this is not the whole industry, just some awful people who prey on those who are desperate for help.

We’ve done our research on trustworthy and reliable bail bond companies, and Fair Oaks Bail Bond Store is one of the best out there – low rates, 24/7 availability, state-wide service and consultations are always free.

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Say Hello To 2016 With A United Front

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The days on the calendar are quickly being crossed off and before we all know it, 2015 will have come and gone and 2016 will finally be here. Yet another year has gone before our eyes. You have almost managed to get through the entire year without any drama – until someone in your family was arrested for a silly, stupid mistake.

They can very well sit in jail for days or weeks and miss the New Years celebrations. But you don’t want that. Despite their actions, you know they are a kind-hearted person who really does mean well. You hate thinking and knowing they’re sulking in jail when literally all you are partying and having fun. You can see to it that they don’t miss out on the fun if you contact Bail Bond Store In Sacramento as soon as possible to secure a bail bond for your loved one’s release. Once we finish all the paperwork, it would only be a few hours at most until your loved one is out of jail!

Say goodbye to 2015 on a more positive note and say hello to 2016 – the year of progress for you both. Do this together. Get your loved one back home with you before the clock hits midnight.

Contact Bail Bond Store In Sacramento at 916-444-6578 for that bail bond. We work 24/7 and even on New Year’s Eve, we will not hesitate to help you out quickly!

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Should I Tell My Kids Their Father Was Arrested?

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One of the toughest things about having children is figuring out if and when it is appropriate to tell them the hard truths: Santa isn’t real, we didn’t take the dog to live with other dogs on a special farm – and Dad is in jail. Sometimes they’ll just figure it out on their own as they grow older but other times, like the most latter, it’s a really sensitive topic and you’re not sure where to start.

Obviously a big factor will depend on the child’s age. If they’re old enough to know what jail is, they can know. Maybe they do not need to know the extent of the crime, especially if it was very serious. But if they’re old enough to demand the whole truth, perhaps they do deserve to know.

It’s not your fault your other half was arrested. It certainly isn’t your child’s fault. Make sure they know that. And make sure they know that their temporarily missing parent loves them deeply and will be back home within a few hours. The bail bond has been posted and you’re just waiting for the jail to finish processing. Once you are all reunited, you two can talk in private and then chat with your kids further afterwards. Your parenting skills are truly put to the test here and this is one heck of a situation to be thrown into. But you’re beyond-capable of figuring out the best course of action for your family. After all, you already did move quickly to get a bail bond from Bail Bond Store In Sacramento so your lover can return home.

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Your Reaction To Hearing A Loved One Has Been Arrested

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If we could insert an emoji to display your likely reaction to hearing a loved one of yours has been arrested, it would probably be the wide-eyed, eyebrows-raised and jaw-dropped shocked emoji, right? Learning of a loved one’s arrest is one of those very shocking moments where there really is no most appropriate or standard reaction. In fact, it’s mostly confusion and trying to figure out what is really happening here.

How you react both alone and when you finally speak to or see your loved one who was arrested ought to be approached differently. When alone, you’ll be riled up with so much anger, sadness and concern. But when you’re with your loved one, it’s imperative to display support, relief and disappointment as well. You will need to be more collected when you’re with your loved one because they already know they made a mistake, they’re in trouble, and put you in an awful position. They already know the regret and pain. What they need now is your guidance and support.

You can update their parents or other family, friends, co-workers of the situation. You can help research a good lawyer. You can get them a bail bond to get out of jail from Bail Bond Store In Sacramento. Whatever it is you do, let them know that despite their actions and consequences, despite your anger and disappointment, you’re going to help them get through this time.

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Renting A Party Home In Hollywood May Soon Be A Crime

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It may soon be a misdemeanor to rent a house in the Hollywood Hills for the purpose of extravagant, wild partying.

Residents of the area have increased complaints regarding noise and traffic. For the LAPD to respond to these complaints on a nightly basis is costly and a waste of time. Apparently, the hosts do not care about the fines they need to pay (after all, they are filthy rich). But, knowing that it could go on their criminal record might make them consider otherwise.

If this does go into effect, multiple offenses can eventually become a real problem for the offender where they may face much more than just a big citation and a misdemeanor mark on their criminal record. Just like any other crimes, multiple misdemeanor offenses of the same crime can lead to an arrest and possibly jail time.

For now though, nothing is changed. The LAPD and the community council will be revisiting the situation multiple times in the coming months before making a final decision and announcement.

Currently, people partying in the Hollywood Hills can still get in trouble and get arrested for other reasons like providing alcohol to minors or drinking and driving, etc. If this happens to you or someone you know (and not just from a party in Hollywood), you can get a bail bond to get out of jail. Just contact Placer County Bail Bond Store at 916-444-6578. If this can happen to celebrities (and it does), it can happen to anyone. Placer County Bail Bond Store is here for anyone in California, 24/7.

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6 Reasons To Choose Orangevale Bail Bond Store

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  1. 24/7 service to all of California
  2. Personalized, low-monthly rate payment plans
  3. Free consultations
  4. Various forms of payment accepted (cash, checks, credit and debit, collateral)
  5. Quick and confidential service
  6. Licensed, experienced, truly compassionate bail agents willing to go above and beyond to help

These are 6 reasons you need to choose Orangevale Bail Bond Store to help bail your loved one out of jail. Sure other bail bond companies will probably say some of the same things, but what makes us stand out above the rest? Our 28 years of successful experienced and pleased clients can testify that our customer service is top-notch compared to others. We are a family-owned and operated bail bond company and because we have core family values, we treat each client as if they were one of our own. We’re eager to help you, eager to answer your questions, eager to bail your loved one out of jail and reunite the both of you.

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Guns, Bail And Jail

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California holds the nation’s strictest gun laws. Most assault weapons are illegal to sell, purchase and own, including the ones where the ammunition magazine can be reloaded over again. However, there is one that is just as deadly, yet legal, to own: a gun with bullet button.

It takes a tool like a pen in order for the user to reload the gun. This little feature is what differentiates this assault gun from others and thus what makes it still legal to own in California. This is the type of gun that was used in the recent San Bernardino, CA mass shooting.

If you are thinking about getting a gun, make sure you follow all legal procedures and practice safety with it. Guns are weapons and they do injure and kill people. The person at the trigger end of the gun can face very serious consequences when it is misused and unfortunately for them, bailing out of jail may not always be an option.

Nonetheless, there are times when a person (who has fired a gun and been arrested for it) can bail out of jail. No questions asked, we at Bail Bond Store In Sacramento will assist anyone who needs a bail bond provided that they can meet one of our flexible payment plans.

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What Getting Arrested And Posting Bail Means For Your Travel Plans

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It’s December, meaning it’s only a matter of days until you take off for your holiday travels! You’ve had these plans locked in for months now and you and your pals have been stoked for the time to finally arrive.

However, you’ve suddenly been hit with an issue: one of the guys in the travel group was arrested the other night. How does this change your plans? Can he still go with you all?

He will have to use his wisest discretion to decide that. First thing’s first, he will have to bail out of jail, obviously. If he doesn’t post bail, he can’t go anywhere.

Second, he will have to find out from the judge if he will be allowed to travel while out on bail. Some defendants are given stricter orders when they are released – like some may not leave the city, for example.

This, he will need to work with the court and the bail bond company to understand his court schedule. He absolutely cannot miss any court dates or appointments or he will face more consequences.

It is very possible for defendants to travel while out on bail but that doesn’t mean they should necessarily do it. They need to think carefully about their timing and if the best thing to do is to not go on the trip, so be it. He can miss a vacation, but he cannot miss court.

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