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What Are My Rights When Protesting?

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America has seen days of protests since Donald Trump became the President Elect on November 9, 2016. Americans have the right to assemble and protest, but then why are some people getting arrested? What are the boundaries? Here is what you might want to know in case you, or a loved one, ever plan to attend a protest:

  • What you say at a protest, even if controversial, is your right and the First Amendment will protect you on this. The police cannot arrest you based on what you say. However, there may be rules and restrictions, particularly for groups. For example, a group may require a permit to use sound amplifiers in public spaces for their protests. If they have that permit, they can say what they want.
  • Protests take place in public areas like the streets. If it is on private property, the homeowner can set rules. If those rules are violated, he or she has the right to ask you to leave. If you do not leave, you may be arrested for trespassing.
  • Police will always show up at protests to ensure safety. If they approach you, donot argue or obstruct their business. Basically, act as you would if they pulled you over on any other day; you do not want to give them any trouble.
  • If the police arrest you at a protest, do your best not to resist, even if you believe it is an unjust arrest. You can fight this later.
  • You can photograph or record a protest,but if you are on private property, the owner may set rules. If the police ask to see your content, you can deny them and they will need a warrant. They are also not allowed to delete your content.

Protests are supposed to be kept peaceful, non-violent. When violence happens, it becomes a riot and the police will take appropriate actions. You were merely exercising your right to free speech and assembly. Now let us help you exercise your right to bail! If you, or someone you know, is ever arrested at a protest and needs to be bailed out of jail call to talk to one of our professional bail agents.

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What Does the Passing of Prop 64 Entail, Exactly?

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Marijuana is now legal in California. Whether you voted yes, or no, you are probably wondering what the new rules really are. Can anybody smoke weed wherever they want now? Who can purchase it and how much? Here is some helpful information to know about the passing of Prop 64:

  • The law didnot change the rules overnight so anyone cannot simply walk into a dispensary and purchase marijuana yet.
  • The new Bureau of Marijuana Control will develop terms and conditions for retailers to follow by January 2018.
  • Retailers must have a state license to sell.
  • City residents will vote on additional regulations.Marijuana is legal in the state, but cities can still retain control for certain regulations.
  • Recreational weed will have to be defined separately than medicinal weed.
  • Marijuana-related felonies will be reduced to misdemeanors and other marijuana-crimes will no longer be crimes.
  • Individuals convicted of marijuana crimes may now apply for resentencing or expungement.

The information on Prop 64 goes far beyond what was just laid out,so those who are hoping to benefit from the legalization of marijuana might want to read up on it.

So there you have it.Now you may be wondering why we at Tulare Bail Bond Store are talking about it? It is true that at some point, you may not have to worry about smoking weed and getting arrested, but you need to make sure you are still following the law.There are still marijuana-related crimes.

If you do need to bail out of jail, contact us by calling 559-784-8660 or clicking Chat With Us online.

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What Does the New Presidency Mean for Immigrants?

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With Donald Trump as our new President Elect, many immigrants across country have worries about their safety and status. Unfortunately, we donot have any answers as to what the changes for immigrants are going to be.We caution you now, especially if you are an immigrant or have loved ones who are, to know and understand your rights. It may be critical for you to take precautions and really educate yourself on your rights. You have to protect yourself and Terra Bella Bail Bond Store will do what we can if you ever need our assistance, but we hope you will not need our help.

Immigrants who are taken into custody have the right ‘

  • To a lawyer.
  • To contact their consulate.
  • To remain silent.
  • To bail.

It is important for you to keep your immigrant papers in a safe place and always carry necessary documentation with you. Make copies for family members as well.

If you are eligible for bail and need a more affordable method than cash bail, we urge you to contact Terra Bella Bail Bond Store by calling 559-784-8660 or clicking Chat With Us online.

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When Being Greedy During the Holidays Is Justified

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Believe it or not, there may be exceptions to the whole giving concept of the holiday spirit, where instead, you need to be greedy for yourself. At first, your loved ones may not understand, but when you explain yourself, then they will completely understand.Then they may be in a giving mood and decide to help you out.

The reason you need to be a little selfish this holiday season and not buy them gifts like you normally would, is so you can pay off your bail bond and ensure that you can stay out of jail. If you miss a payment, your bail bond will be revoked and you will be taken back into custody.

Since you are paying a bail bond rather than cash bail, you are paying 90% less. However, you donot have all the money in the world, so you still need to carefully budget your finances. With your family and friends in-the-know, some are bound to help out and pay.

To learn more about bail bonds, please talk to a representative from Springville Bail Bond Store online or at 559-784-8660 .

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Ready for Rain? Tips to Avoid Issues

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Get ready for rainy days, California! Whether we get few rain days or many, it is best to check over your car so that it is weather-ready. It is wise to review safety driving tips for the rainy season. Doing both can prevent a number of things: 1) getting pulled over and/ or ticketed by the cops, 2) getting into an accident, 3) getting injured, 4) death.

  • Drive slower and leave more space than normal between you and the car ahead of you.
  • Always use your signal lights when switching lanes or turning.
  • Turn headlights on when windshield wipers are in use, even if it is sunny.
  • Use headlights in low visibility.
  • Make sure all lights on your car are working properly.
  • If you find yourself hydroplaning, remove your foot from the gas, but do not brake. Keep a steady grip on your steering wheel and you will feel your car gain traction again.
  • Make sure your horn works.
  • Check your tire treads; ask a specialist if you are unsure of the remaining longevity of your tires.
  • If you are heading to the snow, bring tire chains.

Lots of accidents happen because of wet weather and because drivers are not perfect. If you are running late for Christmas dinner, be late.Do not rush. You would rather not run into trouble and we, Porterville Bail Bonds, would rather not have to bail you out of jail.

If you do ever need us for a bail bond, donot hesitate to call us at 559-784-8660 or chat with us online.

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Social Media: Frenemy

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Social media is our best friend, but little do we realize that it can be our worst enemy too. We share photos and exchange words with social media multiple times a day. These keep our memories forever,but social media can sometimes turn on us and stab us in the back. Sometimes, social media can get us into trouble with the police.

At some point, we may have posted the wrong photo, or said the wrong thing that got our followers, and then strangers, and then eventually the police, questioning our motives. Something was wrong, and now we are dealing with an arrest and the police.

However, you will not have to wait in jail long. Get a bail bond from Tulare Bail Bond Store and you can be out of jail sooner than you think.Tulare Bail Bond Store believes in the right to bail and that every person is innocent until proven guilty. You have the right to bail, and we will help you exercise and protect that right.

Tulare Bail Bond Store can be reached online, or at 559-784-8660 .

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Terra Bella Bail Bond Store Will Bring Your Family Together This Holiday Season

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The holiday season is all about hot chocolate, sweets, and family time. The holidays encourage us to spend extra time with our loved ones.These are the happiest, most cherished times. It is such a bummer when people are absent. We understand that when their absence is due to other equally important obligations, such as being with the other side of the family, there is nothing we can do about it. However, when their absence is due to their inability to meet bail requirements, then there is something you can do about it.

Contact Terra Bella Bail Bond Store for professional bail bond assistance. We donot expect you to pay 100% of the bail amount. Instead, we expect you to work with us to create a payment plan that is catered to your financial situation. We expect you to continue to support your loved one through this tough time, and to reach out to us if you ever have additional questions or concerns.

Let Terra Bella Bail Bond Store unify your family this holiday season. We do not want anyone to miss out on the happiest time of the year.

Terra Bella Bail Bond Store may be reached 24/7, both online, and at 559-784-8660 .

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A Thanksgiving You Will Not Forget

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Spare your family and friends by bailing your loved ones out of jail in time for Thanksgiving. There is a lot to plan right now between Thanksgiving dinner, daily routines, and bailing out your loved one. Contact Porterville Bail Bonds to help you sort the bail part out, which will allow you to focus on the Thanksgiving dinner.

Porterville Bail Bonds will make sure your loved one gets bailed out of jail so he or she can take his or her seat at the dinner table. You will communicate with a bail agent and come up with a customized payment plan. The payment plan will add up to 10% of the full bail, and do not worry, you will be making your payments after your loved one is released. All we do first is finalize and sign off on paperwork.

Aside from payments, your loved one will need to make court appointments on time and stay out of trouble. He or she may have additional requirements such as travel restrictions or curfews, but there will not be anything that prevents him or her from missing Thanksgiving dinner at home.

Porterville Bail Bonds can be reached online or at 559-784-8660 .

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Wet Weather Driving Tips

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You will notice the weather has changed and rain is definitely making itself known to us again. There will continue to be more rain. In order to avoid accidents on the road and getting pulled over by the police, please pay attention to rainy-weather driving tips. Following these can mean the difference between life and death, freedom and incarceration.

  • Make sure all lights are working: headlights, tail lights, brake lights, signal lights.
  • Make sure windshield wipers are good and working well.
  • Check tire treads and get new tires if the mechanic recommends it because good tire treads improve traction.
  • Drive slower in the rain and leave more room between you and the car ahead of you.
  • Turn on headlights when windshield wipers are in use, even if it is still sunny outside.
  • If you notice that you are approaching a puddle, or that you are already hydroplaning, take your foot off the gas but do not step on the brakes. Maintain a firm grip and keep your steering wheel straight. Once your car glides through the puddle, you will regain traction and contact with the road.
  • Beware of other cars around you, as well as pedestrians, motorcyclists, and bicyclists. Though vehicles should have their headlights on and motorcyclists and bicyclists should be wearing bright colors to increase their visibility in muggy weather, they do not always do so.

These are tips that will help avoid road accidents, getting pulled over, getting fined, or worst of all, getting arrested by the cops. Please practice safe and smart driving!

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A Company That Is Open on Thanksgiving

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As much as we wish we did not have to work on Thanksgiving, we at Springville Bail Bond Store will be available to take your calls for help. We are a 24/7 company that never makes a person wait until the next business day. We do this because anyone can need our professional assistance at any given moment. In fact, we get more pleas for help on holidays than you might think.

Think about it, holidays usually involve heavier drinking, heavier commuting, more earnest to get somewhere faster, and more partying. We get a lot of DUI-related calls on and around holidays.

If you need bail assistance the day before, on, or after Thanksgiving, do not hesitate to contact Springville Bail Bond Store. We will help you out so your loved one can get back to being with family and friends as soon as possible. Let’s not make them miss out on too much.

Call 559-784-8660 or talk to a bail agent online now.