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Juvenile vs. Adult Proceedings

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There are different proceedings, rights, and consequences for someone 17 or younger who gets arrested versus someone 18 or older who is arrested. In most states, anyone 17 or younger is called a juvenile, and when they turn 18, they are called an adult. The differences are due to the fact that juveniles have less understanding of the law and are still considered minors.

  • Juvenile hearings are heard by judges only, whereas an adult has a trial by a jury.
  • Juveniles do not have the right to bail; they are released to the custody of their parents or legal guardians. Adults may be granted or denied bail.
  • Juveniles do not have a public trial.
  • On his or her 18th birthday, juvenile records are automatically sealed. So when they become an adult, their criminal record appears clean. However, the juvenile records still exist, but people who look into background history, like landlords and employers, cannot see these records.

Understanding these basic differences can help a great deal if you are suddenly in the middle of a situation yourself. If you, or your loved one,are 18 or over and has been granted bail, we strongly suggest you post bail with a bail bond fromPorterville Bail Bonds. Bail bonds are more affordable and, thus, more ideal to use than cash bail.

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What Determines Own Recognizance Release

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Not all who are arrested are given the opportunity to be released on own recognizance, which is when a defendant signs formal papers promising to show up for court, then is released from jail. Most defendants are granted bail, meaning they have to pay money to the court in order to be released from jail. Some are denied bail altogether. What factors determine own recognizance and bail?

Who determines: The judge.

What factors contribute: A defendant’s prior criminal record, the current crime he or she is accused of, the ties and relationships the defendant has to others in the community, and their financial ability to pay for bail.

As you can probably guess, if a defendant has virtually no prior criminal history, has strong ties to the community, and the crime he or she is accused of is not very serious, then this defendant has a much better chance at being granted own recognizance release. It is not guaranteed, but the chances are certainly better.

For those who are granted bail, there are two options: cash bail, or a bail bond where a third party bail bond company steps in to assist. Before making a rash decision and going the cash bail route, please contact Porterville Bail Bonds.We will help you understand more about the bail bond industry and how our company can benefit you.We can help you save money and get you, or your loved one, bailed out of jail faster. It takes just a few minutes to contact Porterville Bail Bondsfor a free consultation.You will not regret it.

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Post Bail and Celebrate the New Year

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Ringing in the New Year is not the same when you know a friend or family member of yours is missing out. Knowing that this loved one of yours is sitting depressed and alone in jail can spoil not only their fun, but yours as well.You would do anything you could to help get them out of jail. Thankfully, there is something you can do: solicit the help of Porterville Bail Bonds.

Porterville Bail Bonds serves all of California with their bail bond needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With 30 years of industry experience, our family-owned company has grown to welcome dozens of licensed and professional bail agents and representatives. Our employees treat each client as if they are a member of their own family.You are promised fast, confidential, genuine care and concern, on top of that affordable bail bond and customized payment plan.

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Read What Others Have Praised Porterville Bail Bonds For

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Putting your freedom, or that of your loved one, into the hands of a stranger is a nerve-racking thing to do. On one hand, you are eager for them to get right to work on a bail bond, but on the other hand, you want to make sure they can do the job perfectly for you. Finding the right bail bond company takes a little bit of research and patience.

Unlike other bail bond companies, Porterville Bail Bonds does not want to waste your time. Our services are easily laid out on our website, and we offer free consultations. We are available 24/7 and have 30 years of industry experience.We have successfully worked with many clients in need of us. Here are some reviews from former clients:

“John keeps his word and has a heart to help. Although we hope we will never need his services again, we sincerely recommend their services to you when you need a superhero to help your loved one, fast!”

“I’m so pleased with Porterville Bail Bonds! They’re the best around with fast service. Before you consider any other company you should contact Porterville Bail Bonds first!”

Porterville Bail Bonds is the place to come to for any bails. They will work with you no matter what the situation is.”

“When I talked to your bail agent on the phone, she was very informative and so pleasant. At the office, your clerk was organized, helpful, and kind. I didn’t expect a bail agent to treat me like a human being. I have been telling all my friends and family how great your service is.”

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What to Do, and What Not to Do, When Cops Are Around

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When we are calm, we always know what to say and do when we imagine a hypothetical situation. However, when that situation is actually happening and we are caught in the middle of it, it is so easy to forget those steps. We panic and make rash decisions. Sometimes we lose our cool, but we want to avoid that at all costs.

In the instance of being stopped by the police, here is what you should and should not do, whether you are guilty of a crime or not.

If you are pulled over while driving:

  • Keep your hands on your steering wheel where the officers can see them.
  • Do not reach for anything, including your license and registration, until the officer asks you to. Even if you are only reaching for your license, if you do so while the officer is still in his patrol car behind you, he can see into your car and may think you are trying to get a weapon or hide something.
  • In any situation where you are stopped by the police:

  • Be polite and respectful.
  • Do not grow angry or argumentative.
  • Do not try to run.
  • Keep your hands in sight.
  • Get the officer’s name and badge number. Patrol vehicle number can help too.
  • Get statements and/ or contact info from any witnesses.

Whether you are arrested or not, getting identification information of the cop and any witnesses can help back you up, better safe than sorry. You donot want to give the officers any reason to suspect anything of you.

If you end up arrested, you can post bail with a bail bond from Porterville Bail Bonds.

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Your Loved One Will Not Have to Celebrate New Year’s in Jail

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If you are thinking it is too late to bail your loved one out of jail in time for New Year’s, it is not. Your chances of getting your loved one out in time are best when you have Porterville Bail Bonds on your side. As a 24/7 company, Porterville Bail Bonds knows that time is of the essence. You cannot find a more dedicated, hardworking team of bail bond professionals.

Porterville Bail Bonds will provide a free consultation for you, and when you are ready to move forward with paperwork, then you will work out a customized payment plan. Once paperwork is finalized and signed, it is transferred to the jail to be processed and your loved one will be released.You will just need to make sure they show up for court when scheduled and make your bail bond payments on time.

Bailing your loved one out of jail in time for New Year’s is not that hard.The hard part is dealing with your emotions which in time, you will figure out. Porterville Bail Bonds helps with that. At first you will be angry and scared to hear your loved one has been arrested, but the moment your loved one is bailed out of jail, you will feel relieved.

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Your Criminal Record Will Not Ruin Your Life

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Come 2017, make it your goal to no longer be that friend who gets into all kinds of trouble with your best friend. Rather, make it your goal to be that friend who confronts the trouble-making best friend and gets him or her to settle down as well. There comes a time where taking illegal risks is too risky and that time is now.

Being in jail, or seeing your friend behind bars, sucks. You feel helpless and embarrassed. You can prevent this kind of scenario by having a heart-to-heart conversation with your friend and figuring out how you guys want to live the rest of your lives. An arrest record will not ruin the rest of your life, but it sure would be better to not have one at all. So aim for that.

However, no one is perfect and people slip up. Sometimes we are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

If you ever need a bail bond for yourself, or a friend or family member, we encourage you to contact Porterville Bail bond Store at 559-784-8660 or online.

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Curious If You Are a Wanted Person?

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Did you know that racking up unpaid parking tickets is reason enough for the police to issue a warrant for your arrest?

It is very possible for arrest warrants to exist without the person being aware they are wanted. We hope you are not one of those people, but if you are curious, you can always have Porterville Bail bond Store do an anonymous search for you.

If no arrest warrant shows up, that is great! If one does, we can discuss your bail options. Then you will have to turn yourself in and take care of this whole thing maturely and responsibly.

Donot worry,Porterville Bail bond Store is here to support you.We are on your side, helping you protect your right to bail.

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Breaking Up with Bad Habits Is Hard To Do

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Resolving to change your bad habits could sound like a silly resolution for 2017, but is it really? What kind of bad habits are you trying to break? What kind of trouble could you get into if you keep up with these bad habits? You can look at it this way; is it possible you can be arrested and put into jail due to the habit?

2017 is going to be the year you grow up and act responsibly. No more shoplifting. No more drinking and driving. No more domestic arguments. No more this and no more that. It certainly is better avoiding any arrest completely than learning the hard way.

We know bad habits can be hard to break, and that people make mistakes. That is why Porterville Bail bond Storeis here for you anytime you need us. We provide affordable bail bonds with customized payment plans, which makes it easier for people to bail loved ones out of jail. Do not be ashamed if you have a hiccup in 2017,we will be there for you.

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Family Is What Matters Most

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Though you went through more stress this holiday season than years past, this is the happiest, Christmas season ever. This year, you were dumped with the sudden task of bailing a loved one out of jail.Despite the situation, Christmas ended up how it was always meant to, with the entire family home together.

Christmas may not have been possible without Porterville Bail Bonds , the company you relied on to help you get your loved one home for the holidays. True to their 24/7 schedule, your dedicated bail agent worked quickly to get the paperwork completed and transferred to the jail so your loved one can be released. No other bail bond company could have provided you with the excellent customer service like Porterville Bail Bonds .

Christmas is saved because of Porterville Bail Bonds . The situation still lingers, and will continue to be taken care of, but it is the holiday season. Being together with family is what matters most.

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