DUI Checkpoints and Holidays

DUI Checkpoints and Holidays

Whenever holidays roll around, especially big ones that involve parties and drinking, you can expect to see an increase in DUI checkpoints. These checkpoints help police officers discover drunk drivers before they have a chance to cause any accidents. The checkpoints increase around holidays because officers know that people are more likely to drink during these times.

Some people find DUI checkpoints annoying, and it is completely understandable. These checkpoints do tend to slow down traffic wherever they are set up, no matter how quickly the officers are at running them. This is why it is legal for people to avoid DUI checkpoints if they want, provided they do not break any traffic laws to do so.

However, even though DUI Checkpoints can be annoying, they are incredibly helpful. They remove drunk drivers off the road before anyone gets injured. These checkpoints help prevent thousands of injuries and save hundreds of lives.

Coming across a DUI checkpoint is nothing to worry about. An officer will motion for you to pull up and will then ask you some questions. The officer will ask where you are going, where you are coming from, and have you been drinking. The officer may also ask to see your license and registration. As long as everything checks out, and the officer has no reason to expect that you might have been drinking, they will send you on your way.

If the officer does think a driver has been drinking, they will have the driver pull over to the side. Depending on how drunk the driver is, they may arrest the person or have him sit in a drunk tank until sober.

No one should ever get behind the wheel of a vehicle while drunk. Unfortunately, hundreds of people do it on a daily basis. This causes thousands of accidents and harms thousands of people. This is why officers set up checkpoints to try and reduce that number.

Get Peace of Mind with a Free Warrant Check

Get Peace of Mind with a Free Warrant Check

One of the last things anyone wants for Christmas this year would be getting arrested for an outstanding warrant. No one wants to go to jail, but it can often be difficult for a person to know if a warrant has been issued for their arrest. It is not like the police call people to notify them of the warrant. If they did that, they would just arrest the person. So, how does a person find out if they have a warrant?

The simplest way to find out is to contact Bail Bonds in Terra Bella. We provide free warrant checks for all Californians who are afraid that a warrant may have been issued for their arrest. All a person needs to do for a warrant check, is provide us with a little bit of information. All we need is the person’s name, birthday, and the county where the warrant might have been issued.

That small amount of info will allow us to check the county database and see if a warrant was issued. If we find that there is no warrant, than the person is free to go about their day knowing that they have nothing to worry about. If there is a warrant, our bail agents can help you figure out how to proceed. In some cases, we can setup a bail bond before the person turns themselves in. This way, they can be bailed out of jail right away, and they spend as little time behind bars as possible.

No one wants to get arrested around the holidays. Luckily, Bail Bonds in Terra Bella is here to help. We can assist a person in bailing out of jail, or we can even give them peace of mind by providing a free warrant check.

Let Bail Bonds in Terra Bella take care of you this holiday season, just call 559-784-8660 or click Chat With Us now.

Getting Arrested in a Foreign Country

Getting Arrested in a Foreign Country

No one ever wants to get arrested. Doing so means being placed into a small concrete cell with iron bars, possibly with other inmates. A person loses their freedom when arrested, and it is not fun at all. However, something most people do not consider, is what happens if they are arrested outside of the United States.

Here in the US, the Constitution grants all US citizens certain rights. These rights may not be granted in other countries. Some of these rights include:

• Innocent until proven guilty
• Having a speedy trial
• Having a trial with a jury of your peers
• Safety from cruel and unusual punishment

Here in the US, we are very lucky to have these rights. Not every country offers these rights to its citizens, let alone visitors from other countries.

When a US citizen is arrested while abroad, they are subject to that country’s laws. They will face whatever kind of trial that country offers. They will need to serve their sentence in one of that country’s jails as well. A US citizen abroad cannot rely on the US Constitution to protect them.

A US citizen who has been arrested abroad does have the right to request that the local US embassy or consulate be notified of their arrest. A consular officer will be sent to visit with the arrested person and provide them with some assistance. This right is thanks to the 1963 Vienna Convention on Consular Relations.

This is why it is extremely important for a person to familiarize themselves with the laws of the country they are visiting. Things that may be legal here in the US, may be illegal in some foreign countries. No one wants to get arrested, especially when they are outside the US.

If You Have Questions, We Have Answers

If You Have Questions, We Have Answers

When a person is arrested, their loved ones will often begin to panic. They want to help their friend or family member get out of jail, but they do not know how. The reason being, nobody ever talks about bail or bail bonds. The only time most people learn about bail, is when they actually need it. This can lead to a lot of questions. Luckily for you, Porterville Bail Bonds has the answers that you are looking for.

What is the difference between a bail agent and a bail bondsman?
There is no difference. Bail agents and bail bondsmen are the same thing.

How much does a bail bond cost?
That depends on the amount of the bail that the bail bond is for. In California, bail bonds are always 10% of the bail that they are for.

How much do I have to pay up front?
That depends on a number of different factors that are specific to your case. This is dependent on your loved one’s bail amount, and the financial strength of the co-signers for the bail bond.

What is a co-signer?
A co-signer is anyone who signs the contract for the bail bond. Co-signers are responsible for making sure payments are made on time, and that their loved one goes to all of his or her court dates. There can be multiple co-signers for a bail bond.

Can I finance the bail bond?
Yes, you can. We work with all of our clients to create personalized payment plans for each of them. This way, the cost of the bail bond is split into smaller, more manageable monthly payments.

Here at Porterville Bail Bonds, we know that our clients tend to have a lot of questions about bail and bail bonds. This is why we do everything we can to answer those questions. If we missed one of your questions in this article, you can talk to one of our bail agents at no charge. We offer free consultations to everyone.

To get your free consultation with a professional bail agent, just call 559-784-8660 or click Chat With Us now.

Bailing Someone Out Is Easier Than You Think

Bailing Someone Out Is Easier Than You Think

If this is your first time attempting to bail someone out of jail, you are probably curious as to how the bail process works. Bail is not a topic of conversation that comes up in normal situations. This leads to many people not knowing how bail works. Luckily, the experts here at Porterville Bail Bonds know everything there is to know about bail.

To start, bail is assigned to a person after they are arrested. A judge determines the bail amount based off of several factors. These factors are:

• The crime committed.
• The person’s criminal record.
• The chance of the person running when out on bail.
• The threat the person may present to the community.

The judge uses these factors to determine the person’s bail amount.

Once a person has been assigned bail, he or she can be bailed out of jail. This can be done one of 2 ways. Either the full bail amount can be paid to the court, or the person can hire a bail agent. If a person decides to pay the bail themselves, they will need to pay the full amount of the bail in cash to the court. At the end of the trial, the money will be returned to the person who paid it.

If the person hires a bail agent, they will not have to pay the full amount of the bail. Instead, they will only have to pay 10% of the bail to their bail agent. The agent will take care of the rest. The upside to hiring a bail agent, the person gets more flexible payment options with a smaller amount of money being owed. The downside, the money paid to the bail agent will not be returned at the end of the trial. This is because the money is considered payment for the agent’s services, which were completed once the person was bailed out of jail.

Bailing someone out of jail can be really easy, so long as you get a bail bond from a professional company like Porterville Bail Bonds. We offer discounts for qualified clients and personalized payment plans for all of our clients. Coming to us for help is easier and much more affordable than paying for the bail on your own.

You can talk to a bail agent right now by calling 559-784-8660 or by clicking Chat With Us now.

Not Knowing about a Warrant Is Pretty Common

Not Knowing about a Warrant Is Pretty Common

Many people are surprised to learn that other people might not be aware of a warrant being issued for their arrest. These people wonder how someone could not know of something so important. However, when you think about it, it actually makes sense.

The police don’t notify a person when a warrant has been issued. If they did, they would just arrest the individual. This is why it is actually very common for a person to not be aware of a warrant for their arrest being issued.

Luckily, there is a way for people to check to see if there is a warrant out for their arrest. They can usually go to their local court or police station and check. However, there are many counties out there that will arrest an individual on the spot if it turns out they do have an outstanding warrant. This has led to many people seeking help from third parties, such as bail bond companies.

The third party can check for a warrant without the fear of getting arrested since the warrant is not for them. Here at Porterville Bail Bonds, we provide free warrant checks for everyone. If you think that there may be a warrant out for your arrest, just give one of our agents your name, birthday, and the county where the warrant may have been issued. We can use that info to check and see if there is indeed a warrant out for your arrest.

If there is no warrant, you are free to go. If there is a warrant, we might be able to work with you to ready a bail bond. This way, you will be able to turn yourself in for the warrant, and then immediately be bail out. You will only have to be in jail long enough to be booked into jail.

If you think that there may be a warrant out for your arrest, just talk to the professionals here at Porterville Bail Bonds. We will help put your mind at ease and check for you. The warrant check is completely free, all you have to do is talk to one of our agents.

Get your free warrant check now by calling 559-784-8660 or by clicking Chat With Us now.

Lots of People Have Questions about Bail

Lots of People Have Questions about Bail

Finding out that someone does not know much about bail is not as uncommon as one might assume. Most people do not learn about bail, and this is usually due to the fact that they assume they will never need to bail someone out of jail. While that may be the case for some people, not everyone is so lucky.

When a person suddenly needs to bail one of their loved ones out of jail, they can have a lot of questions. Here at Bail Bonds in Tulare, we do everything that we can to answer those questions.

How does bail work?
Bail is assigned to an individual by a judge based on a few different factors. Once the bail amount is set, all a person needs to do to get out of jail, is pay the entire bail amount to the court. Once that is done, he or she will be released from jail for the remainder of their trial. The person needs to go to all of their court dates, or risks being taken back into custody.

What factors does a judge look at when determining bail?
A judge looks at the crime the person has been accused, how the crime was committed, the person’s criminal record, the likely hood of the person running while out on bail, and the threat that the person may pose to the local community if released.

How does a bail bond work?
A bail bond comes from a bail agent and pays the court for the full amount of the bail. In return for posting the bond, bail agents get paid 10% of the bail amount that they just paid for.

How does a person get a bail bond?
Getting a bail bond is simple, all a person needs to do is talk to a professional bail agent. This can be done easily by contacting Bail Bonds in Tulare.

Are there discounts for bail bonds?
Yes, here at Bail Bonds in Tulare we offer several discounts to qualified bail agents. To learn if you qualify for one of our discounts, just talk to an agent.

Bailing someone out of jail can be a stressful situation, if a person does not know what they are doing. That is why it is important to hire a professional bail agent. A bail agent can answer all of a person’s questions and show them just how easy it is to bail someone out of jail.

Contact Bail Bonds in Tulare at 559-784-8660 or by clicking Chat With Us to see how easy bail can be for you.

More Commonly Misused Words

More Commonly Misused Words

There are many words within the English that confuse even native speakers. Some of the words have just been misused for so long, that it is hard to remember their proper usage. Others are so similar to other words, that it can be hard for people to know which one they want at a given time.

Here is a brief sample of commonly misused words:

• A lot vs. alot: This is one that can be seen a lot, and the difference is pretty easy to understand. A lot means either a plot of land, or a large group of something. Alot is not actually a word.
• Factoid: Many people assume that a factoid is a small bit of information, but that is wrong. A factoid is actually false information that is presented as fact.
• Its vs. it’s: Its is used to show possession, meaning that whatever it is, it owns the following object. It’s is a contraction between it and is, or it and has.
• Literally: this one gets misused quite frequently. When something literally happens, it means that something actually happened in the real world. A person’s head cannot literally explode, nor can they literally die of embarrassment.
• Lose vs. loose: When you do not win a game, you lose a game. When something is not tight, it is loose.
• Than vs. then: Than is used for comparisons, such as you like this more than that. Then is used for time, such as first we will do this, then that.
• To vs. two vs. too: You use to when you give something to someone. Two is the number 2. Too, means there is too much stuff, or that someone else will be coming along too.
• Your vs. you’re: Your shows possession of something. When you own something, it is yours. You’re, is a contraction of you and are.

The English language has thousands of words within it, so it is only natural that some of the words get messed up from time to time. However, if a person wants to write or speak accurately, they need to have a good understanding of each word they are using, otherwise they can send the wrong message.

A Brief History of Thanksgiving

A Brief History of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect and be thankful for every good thing that came our way over the course of the year. It is a chance to get together with family and enjoy one another’s company again. It is something that almost everyone celebrates because everyone has something to be thankful for.

The celebration of Thanksgiving started almost 400 years ago with the Pilgrims who came across the Atlantic Ocean on the Mayflower. They built a town at Plymouth Massachusetts. There, some of the local Native Americans helped teach them how to survive in this new land. They taught them things like:

• How to cultivate corn
• How to harvest sap from maple trees
• How to fish in the rivers
• How to identify poisonous plants

Together, the Pilgrims and the local Wampanoag Tribe forged a relationship and alliance that would last for over 50 years.

The Pilgrims would celebrate we attest to being the first Thanksgiving in November of 1621. They held a three day long celebratory feast in honor of their first successful corn harvest. They invited their Native American allies, including the chief of the Wampanoag tribe. Their guests brought five deer to the feast, and most of the food was prepared using traditional Native American methods. The next Thanksgiving was celebrated 2 years later. The celebration was held on an annual or occasional basis that spread throughout the New England settlements.

During and just after the American Revolution, The Continental Congress and the first few presidents assigned and celebrated multiple Thanksgivings, though there was no set standard for a day. George Washington is credited with giving the first Thanksgiving proclamation from the United States Government.

The State of New York was the first state to officially designate Thanksgiving as an annual holiday with its own date. Other states would follow suit, but each state would assign its own day to celebrate. However, despite the holiday’s growing popularity, it never really made it to the southern states.

Sarah Josepha Hale, author of the nursery rhyme Mary had a Little Lamb, begin campaigning to make Thanksgiving an official holiday of the United States in 1827. She pushed for this for 36 years before President Lincoln agreed with her request and in 1863, established Thanksgiving as an annual holiday for the US. He did this during the peak of the Civil War in an attempt to “heal the wounds of the nation.” Thanksgiving was assigned to the final Thursday of November, and it has stayed there for most of the time since then.

There were a few years after that where Thanksgiving was not celebrated on the last Thursday of November. Instead, it was celebrated a week earlier, and this was due to President Franklin D. Roosevelt. In 1939 President Roosevelt moved the holiday up one week in an attempt to boost retail sales during the Great Depression. Most people disagreed with this. Due to the opposition he faced, he returned Thanksgiving to its rightful Thursday in 1941.

Need Financing on a Bail Bond?

Need Financing on a Bail Bond?

Many companies out there know that when they charge their customers large sums of money, they need to offer some sort of financing. Most people do not have a lot of money sitting around, waiting to be spent on frivolous things. Most people make just enough money to scrape by. They know what important thing their money will be used for before it is placed in their bank account. They have groceries to buy, utilities to pay for, and house payments to make.

This is why bailing someone out of jail can be difficult. Nobody has enough money left offer after their usual monthly bills and payments to try to bail someone out of jail. Luckily, Porterville Bail Bonds can jump in to save the day. We offer financing options for our clients.

We offer a few discounts to qualified clients, and we create personalized payment plans for all of our clients. We do this because no two clients are alike. Some have more money available than others, and so they all need their own unique payment plan.

By offering our clients their own customized payment plan, they are able to afford their loved one’s bail. Their payment plan breaks up the scary and intimidating cost of the bail bond into manageable monthly payments. Each of these payments is designed to fit into the client’s budget, which makes everything easier.

If a person is looking for financing options on a bail bond, they should contact Porterville Bail Bonds. We are an experienced bail bond company that has been helping Californians for the last 30 years. We know how to make our bail bonds affordable for everyone.

The best, and most affordable, bail bond help is just a phone call away. Call 559-784-8660 now.