People Do What Before Getting Into Public Pools?

People Do What Before Getting Into Public Pools?

People Do What Before Getting Into Public Pools?

With the weather quickly heating up, many people are starting to pull their swimsuits out from their winter hiding spots. With California’s thousands of miles of coastline, there are plenty of places to go to the beach. However, the beach isn’t for everyone. Some people prefer to cool off without having to worry about sand getting everywhere. That is why some people prefer going to a pool.

In addition to the lack of sand at pools, they are often cleaner as well. The water is maintained by humans, instead of being left alone. However, despite the chemicals, mostly chlorine, put into pool water to keep it clean, one recent survey found that pools aren’t always as clean as one would hope.

Public Pools May Not be as Clean as You Think

The clear blue water of pools often looks a heck of a lot cleaner than ocean, lake, or river water. Those waters typically have all kinds of debris floating beneath the surface, making them hazy. Pools lack this haze due to the chemicals put into them to kill bacteria, and the filtration systems in them to pick out the bigger particles like bugs and leaves.

However, despite all of that, pools can still contain bits of harmful bacteria, bacteria that is typically brought in by swimmers. A recent survey conducted by Water Quality and Health Council found that 51% of Americans used pools as a way to rinse off after performing sweat inducing activities.

The survey, which polled 3,100 American adults and had a margin of error of plus or minus 2.7%, also found the following information:

• 24% of people would go within a pool within an hour of having diarrhea.
• 40% of adults peed in pools.
• 48% admitted to not showering before entering a pool.
• 53% didn’t know makeup affected the chemistry of the pool.
• 55% didn’t know deodorant affected the chemistry of the pool.
• 64% acknowledge the fact that pools don’t eliminate the need to shower, but use pools as a reason not to shower anyways.

While chlorine does help keep pools cleaner, it isn’t an infinite source of cleanliness. Think of the chlorine in a pool like a bar of soap. Every time it is used to clean something, it becomes smaller and less effective until it is all used up. However, chlorine is not a replacement for soap.

Chlorine keeps pools clean by causing chemical reactions in the water that kill microorganisms and bacteria. By adding other chemicals to the mix, bodily fluids, makeup, and deodorant, a person reduces the strength of the chlorine in the water, thereby reducing its effectiveness.

Help Keep Public Pools Clean

Some of the findings in this survey are more than a bit disgusting. Hopefully, they will serve as a reminder to everyone that there are times when they shouldn’t go swimming, and more than that, they should shower before getting into a pool. Doing so can help keep the water cleaner, longer.

Pools are a great way to beat the summer heat, and most are likely maintained on a regular basis. So long as a pool’s owner keeps up with the maintenance of the pool, its filter system, and the chemical makeup, there is no reason to not go swimming in it. All public pools in California are required by law to be kept at safe and sanitary levels at all times. If a person suspects that this isn’t being done at a local public pool, they can report the problem to their local health officials.

As things begin to heat up this summer, be sure to help keep pools clean by not using them as bath time, and showering before getting into the water. This will help keep the pool water clean for everyone.

Be Careful Meeting People from the Internet in Real Life

Be Careful Meeting People from the Internet in Real Life

Be Careful Meeting People from the Internet in Real Life

Over the last few years, the internet has become an almost integral part of people’s everyday lives. Most people can’t go a day without going online for one reason or another. The internet has allowed people to do a whole lot without ever leaving their homes, such as shopping or communicating with people.

As detached as the internet allows a person to be, there are times where people chose to meet with others they met online. Usually it is to buy or sell something, but sometimes it is because the people decided they wanted to meet face to face. As harmless as this may sound, it can actually be very dangerous to meet someone new for the first time, even if the people have been talking online. The fact of the matter is, a person never knows for sure who he may be meeting.

The Internet Isn’t Always Truthful

When it comes to the internet, there is a lot of anonymity. No one ever knows for sure who they are dealing with since no one ever sees the other’s real face. They may not even get the other person’s real name. Even though a person may claim to be someone online, doesn’t mean it is true.

Anyone, good or bad, can be found online. This is why it is so important for people to keep personal information, name, address, and phone number, to themselves. They should also keep all of their online accounts set to private. Doing so can reduce the chances of something bad happening.

Still, there are times when people from the internet decide to meet in person, for one reason or another.

Choose a Safe Meeting Location

The most common reason why internet people meet in real life is when one is selling something to the other person. Unfortunately, what should be a harmless interaction can turn dangerous, or even deadly, for one of the people involved. This is usually due to the fact that one person is not who they claimed to be, and is just trying to lure the other into a trap of some sort.

In order to avoid being taken advantage of, and avoid any harm, a person needs to play it safe when meeting with an online buyer or seller. One of the simplest ways to do that is to choose the right meeting place. A person should never invite an online seller or buyer to their house, and likewise, they should never agree to meet someone at their house.

The best places to meet are in public, during broad daylight, with lots of witnesses close by. This way, if the other person tries to pull anything, there will be people close by who can help out. One of the best places to meet people from online, is at a local sheriff’s or police station. In fact, some stations have begun designating areas in their parking lots specifically for this reason. This helps ensure everyone’s safety.

A criminal would have to be very brazen to try to pull anything. Plus, setting up a meeting here is also a good way to weed out people who are trying to pull some sort of scam or criminal activity, since they won’t like the idea of meeting at a police station. If anyone ever tries to disagree with meeting at a police station, they should probably be avoided. After all, it is in both party’s best interest to meet in a safe place, and it doesn’t get much safer than right outside a police station.

Another good idea is to bring a buddy, someone trusted. This again just adds an extra witness to everything, and further reduces the chances of something bad happening. If a person can’t find someone else to bring with them, because their loved one’s are busy, then they should at least tell a trusted loved one everything about the planned meeting. This includes:

  • Time of meeting.
  • Location.
  • Reason for meeting.
  • All information on the person they are meeting with.

This way, if something goes wrong, someone else should know about it.

Stay Safe When Buying from Someone Online

When it comes to buying stuff online from people rather than retailers, it is always best to exercise some caution. No one wants to get scammed, or worse. Taking the proper steps, like meeting near a police station, can prevent something bad from helping, thereby allowing the person to go about their day without worry.

Hopefully you’ve never had a bad experience when buying an item online, but maybe you have a weird or memorable one. In the comments below, tell us about your weirdest or most memorable experience of buying something from someone online.

We Will Be By Your Side the Whole Time

We Will Be By Your Side the Whole Time

We Will Be By Your Side the Whole Time

If you are like most people out there, then the thought of trying to bail someone out of jail is intimidating. For most people, the bail process is some foreign concept that they may never need. Sadly, not everyone is so lucky. Sometimes, loved ones get arrested. When that happens, people typically want to rescue them from jail.

Luckily, bail is nowhere near as intimidating as it appears. Bailing someone out of jail can actually be a piece of cake, so long as you get the right bail help. The best bail help in California can be found here at Porterville Bail Bonds. Our professional bail agents will always be available to help you.

At Porterville Bail Bonds, our bail agents receive training every other year. This keeps our agents up to date on everything bail, which allows them to provide you with the best bail service available in the state. On top of that is the fact that our bail agents are available to offer their assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Once you talk to our bail agents, they begin working for you. They provide dedicated bail help will not rest until your loved one has been released from jail. This means they will be with you every step of the way. They will answer all of your questions about the process and your loved one’s arrest.

  • 24/7 Bail bond service
  • 20% Discount
  • Phone approvals
  • 0% Interest payment plans
  • No hidden fees
  • No collateral with working signer
  • Se hablaEspanol

You may have never considered bailing someone out of jail before today, but that shouldn’t stop you from helping out a loved one. Posting bail can be incredibly easy when you have the professional agents here at Porterville Bail Bonds helping you. Our agents will be with you for every step of the bail bond process. You will not have to face this alone.

What are you waiting for? You can get the bail process started at any time by calling 559-784-8660 or clicking Chat With Us now.

Yet Another Scam Sweeping Across the Nation

Yet Another Scam Sweeping Across the Nation

Yet Another Scam Sweeping Across the Nation

Scams are never fun to deal with. No one ever wants to lose some of their hard earned money just because someone tricked them. Sadly, falling for scams is easier than people are aware. Scammers have dozens of different plays that they can use to trick unsuspecting targets. If the trick works, the target becomes a victim.

Once a person becomes a victim, they usually become aware of the fact that they have been scammed. Unfortunately, after this point, it is often too late to get the lost money back. This is often due to the fact that scammers often ask for the money in a way that is impossible to trace. It is a whole lot easier to prevent a scam than it is to fix things after a scam. This makes it all the more important for a person to be aware of scams and how they work.

The One Ring Scam

A new scam that is making its rounds around the country, is being referred to as the One Ring Scam. A scammer robocalls a series of numbers, all usually within the same area. The scammer lets the phone ring once or twice, and then hangs up. The process is usually repeated several times over the course of a day or two.

At first, this doesn’t sound like much of a scam, it sounds more like a prank call. However, all of this is meant to get the target’s attention. The hope is that the target will call the number back, where they will be asked to pay a fee for a long distance phone call. This “fee” gets paid to the scammer, and the target becomes a victim.

The scam doesn’t seem very effective at first glance. Most people don’t answer random numbers, and even if they did answer this call, they would just get hung up on. The trick with this scam is the repetitive nature of the calls. Many people might not answer a call from a random number, but after many calls from the same number, they may become curious. They may even think it might be important, after all, the person is really trying to get ahold of them. That is what causes most people to call the number back, and fall victim to the scam.

This is why the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is warning people about this new scam. It is rarely a good idea to answer a phone call from a number that a person does not know, and calling it back is an even worse idea. Currently, the calls seem to target certain regions all at once, suggesting that the scammers might be targeting area codes. The calls seem to be originating from the African nation of Mauritania with a country code of 222. A person is advised to ignore any phone calls with this country code in the phone number.

Learn to Avoid Scams and Report Them

If a person wants to avoid being scammed, then they need to learn how to recognize different scam behaviors. A big indication something might be a scam is if phone number is one the person doesn’t recognize. Another big indicator is if the phone number is from out of the country. These sorts of phone calls should often be avoided, no matter how persistent the caller may be.

If a person has received a scam phone call like this, than they should report it to the FCC by filling a complaint. Doing so can help put an end to the scam, and help protect other potential victims.

Couple Has to Pay How Much for a Tree?

Couple Has to Pay How Much for a Tree?

Couple Has to Pay How Much for a Tree?

For most people, owning a piece of land is a very big deal. By own a piece of land, a person is able to do with it what they please, provided they follow local laws of course. Depending on the area, there can be all sorts of different building codes and regulations. While most of these rules will focus on how a house or building is built, some might pay more attention to the plant life on the property.

One Northern California couple learned this the hard way after they attempted to move an oak tree on their property. After the failed operation, the couple has been taken to court and currently faces fines totaling nearly $600,000. That is quite a hefty fine for doing what some might count as yard maintenance. However, some cities and counties see things differently.

How Oak Trees Are Viewed in California

The state of California has, for a while now, been a self-proclaimed leader in green initiatives. This includes more recent laws, such as the banning of single-use plastic bags and the limiting of how restaurants can hand out single-use plastic straws. However, there are other laws in affect around the state that focus on the local flora and fauna.

A prime example of that is all of the laws from cities and counties regarding oak trees. Oak trees are a large part of California history. The coast Live Oak, the native oak tree here in California, has an incredibly slow growth rate, and trees of this variety can live for more than a hundred years. This means that any large oak trees that a person stumbles upon, is likely older than them.

Due to this fact, many cities and counties across California have enacted laws against cutting down these oak trees. In fact, an oak tree can only be cut down when a property owner proves to the governing body, either city or county, that the tree poses a risk to their property. Then, and only then, can a person have the tree removed. Failing to receive that permission, and removing the tree anyways, can result in some serious fines.

When Moving a Tree Goes Wrong

Uprooting and transporting plants from one location to another is always a bit tricky. As a general rule of thumb, whatever is seen above ground on a plant, also exists below ground in the form of roots. Basically, the bigger a plant is, the more roots it needs to collect water. If too much damage is done to a plant’s root system, it won’t be able to collect enough water to sustain itself and will die.

Despite how harmful it can be to a plant, people often decide to move them anyways. This is what one Northern California couple decided to do with an oak tree on their property in Sonoma County. The couple wanted to move the tree from one of their properties, to another one so that it was closer to their home. With the help of large equipment designed to turn large trees into giant potted plants, the couple moved the tree, not without causing plenty of construction damage to the nearby area.

The 180 year old oak tree did not survive the move, and neither did several others along the newly constructed route between the tree’s original home and its new one. As a result of this damage, the Sonoma Land Trust took the couple to court, where the judge sided in favor of the trust. The judge ordered that the couple pay $586,000 fine to help pay for the environmental restoration of the area.

The couple is now selling their $8.45 million estate and seeking a retrial.

Trimming That Oak Tree without Permission May Be Illegal

When it comes to landscaping their yard, most people would assume that they have free reign. After all, it is their property. However, that is not always the case, especially when native plants like Coast Live Oaks are concerned. If a person is looking to prune, trim, or even remove an oak tree from their property, they should look into local laws. There may just be a law prohibiting such a thing unless absolutely necessary.

What is your take on the Judge’s decision on this case? Is the nearly $600,000 fine for killing a 180 year-old oak tree just right, too much, or not enough? Let us know what you think in the comments down below.