Lindsay Bail Bond Store Will Not Nickle and Dime You for Every Little Thing, We are Here To Help You

Lindsay Bail Bond Store

At Lindsay Bail Bond Store, we will never surprise you with hidden fees like our competitors will. Hidden fees are just a way to try and take more money from clients, so we do not use them. We tell you exactly how much you will have to pay to get your loved one out of jail. We work with you to create an affordable payment plan so you do not have to pay the full amount of the bail all at once.

Our bail agents can work with you over the phone or online. We will create a payment plan that splits the cost of the bail bond into monthly payments that you can truly afford. Do not worry about having to pay more due to interest because we do not charge our clients interest, all of our bail bonds have 0% interest on them.

When you use an experienced bail agent from Lindsay Bail Bond Store, you can count on receiving the best bail bonds service in California. Our bail bondsmen will be with you from start to finish, and they will not rest until the jail safely releases your loved one.

All consultations are free, so there really is no reason not to call 559-784-8660 now.

We Have the Best Bail Agents in California Working at Lindsay Bail Bond Store

Do you need a helping hand to get your friend or family member bailed out of jail? If so, then you need Lindsay Bail Bond Store. We have been helping clients bail their loved ones out of jail for nearly 30 years now. We have years of experience gained from dealing with a variety of different bail situations. We can easily help you and your loved one in your time of need.

We are a statewide, family-owned, bail bonds company that has been helping the people of California since our founding in 1987. We have helped thousands of client’s rescue their family members or friends from jail. You can count on us to be there to help you and your loved one too.

Our talented bail agents at Lindsay Bail Bond Store have the added benefit of receiving continual training. This ensures that our bail agents are at their best and guarantees that our clients receive only the best bail bonds help that we can offer. Our bail agents will be your friends and guides as you try to bail your loved one out of jail.

Call 559-784-8660 now for a free consultation with a skilled bail agent.