Need a Free Warrant Check in California?

Need a Free Warrant Check in California

Something that many people fail to realize, is that the police do not inform people when a warrant has been issued for their arrest. This is due to the fact that is the officers knew how to get ahold of that person, they would just arrest them. This fact leads to a lot of people not knowing that a warrant has been issued for their arrest.

This can become a problem for people, especially since they fear that they could get arrested just for trying to determine if there is in fact a warrant out for their arrest. This is where Porterville Bail Bonds can come in and offer our assistance. We are able to perform free warrant checks for our clients in many different counties across the state of California.

We just need a little bit of information for our agents to be able to perform the warrant check. All we need to get started is the name of the person who the warrant would be for, their birthday, and the county where the warrant would have been issued. This small amount of info should allow us to check and see if a warrant has been issued.

If there is no warrant, then the person is free to go. They will have a weight lifted from their shoulders knowing they have nothing to worry about anymore. However, if they do have a warrant, their day is just getting started. Luckily, they will not have to face it alone. Our agents will help the person take care of the warrant. The person will not have to face this situation alone.

You can get a free warrant check at any time by calling 559-784-8660 or by clicking Chat With Us now.