Rescue Your Loved One from Jail with a Bail Bond

Rescue Your Loved One from Jail with a Bail Bond

The arrest of a friend or family member will never be exciting. People only want what’s best for their loved ones, and jail really isn’t a great place to be. This is why many people try to bail their loved ones out of jail. Unfortunately, bailing someone out of jail is not a cheap endeavor and many families learn that they do not have enough money to post bail on their own. Luckily for them, there is another solution.

If posting bail alone is too expensive, consider getting a bail bond instead. A bail bond is similar to a loan, in that a person borrows money for something. The difference is that in this instance, the borrowed money is transferred straight from the lender, the bail agent, to the court.

By getting a bail bond, a person greatly reduces the cost of bailing their friend or family member out of jail. This is due to the fact that bail bonds at Porterville Bail Bonds only cost 10% of the bail that they are for. This means that a person can save 90% by getting a bail bond from us instead of paying for the bail themselves.

On top of this huge discount, we provide our clients with convenient ways to pay for the bail bond. We accept cash, checks, and most credit and debit cards, whereas the court will only accept cash for the bail. We also provide all of our clients with affordable and personalized payment plans that fit into their unique budgets.

If a person is looking to bail a friend or family member out of jail, but is worried about the cost, they should come to Porterville Bail Bonds. We have spent over 30 years making bail bonds an affordable option for Californians. Our clients are able to rescue their loved ones from jail with our help.

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