Coffee or Beer? Which Would You Rather Have?

Coffee or Beer? Which Would You Rather Have?

Drinking beer can be like tasting different coffees. There’s a lot that goes into brewing beer. Just like coffee there are different flavors and levels of roast. Both beer and coffee influence your body in some way or form. Coffee sharpens the senses and sends them into overdrive. Whereas beer does the complete opposite and slows you down. It impairs your judgment, and makes you feel a bit fuzzy. Though two great drinks, you need to drink both of them responsibly.

Coffee can get you wired and send your body into overdrive. You can actually overdose on caffeine and give your body a heart attack. Though that may be difficult to do with coffee, it can still happen. Coffee can have you so amped up, that you may feel sick. Like all things coffee in moderation is the key to not overdosing on the jitters.

Beer on the other hand tends to slow people down. Beer, unlike coffee, dulls your senses. You may be able to pound a few back with your friends but once you get up, you may feel the world wobble. Beer is an alcoholic beverage, so you get drunk from ingesting it. Being drunk is never fun, because you lose control of your body. On top of that, you then won’t be able to drive. Driving under the influence of any substance is a bad idea. You can land yourself with at least a DUI, or at most manslaughter, if you get into an accident.

Both coffee and beer have their drawbacks. However, that doesn’t change the popularity of these drinks. Everybody loves their Monday morning coffee, just like everybody enjoys their Friday night beer. The key to enjoying these drinks is moderation. Being aware of your body’s limits will help you continue to enjoy these marvelous drinks without trouble.

The similarities between coffee and beer are quite amazing. While one is typically drank during the morning, and the other at night, they both can be specialized to the individual. Coffees can have extra cream, and only three pumps of vanilla. Beer can be brewed with more malts or infused with fruits. With these drinks being specialized, it only adds to the desire to drink more.

Whichever beverage you choose to drink, don’t forget to drink responsibly and in moderation. While you can drink and drive with coffee, you definitely can’t do that with beer. Doing so will land you in serious trouble, which is something that nobody wants.

Bullying can be Conquered

Bullying can be Conquered

The bad guys in the movies don’t have a whole lot of fans. There are even some characters in films that everyone despises because the actors played the part so well. We don’t like the villain ruining our favorite heroes’ lives; so why do we let bullies continue to exist. Why don’t we try to change their motivation similarly to how we root for our favorite super villains’ to change their ways?

Let’s talk about the problem of bullying, even with our friends and family. Talking about bullying, and the problem that it is causing can help eliminate it all together. It’s a step in the right direction. Having an open conversations with your kids about signs of bullying, and how to be kind to others can go a long way. We need to not just focus on the victims, but also acknowledge the bully too, is suffering.

We need to confront the problem we face with bullying. A bully can be formed from many different scenarios. If a child has dysfunctional childhood, or is lacking some metaphysical need, they could eventually channel negative energy on to another kid in the form of bullying. Then the victim of the bullying generally has two options, talk about the problem or ignore it. The victim’s perspective on life will influence their decision.

Don’t let bullying fester, talk about it. Talking about it with friends, family, or someone who can make a difference is generally the healthiest option. If a victim decides to ignore the problem, this is where the sad stories start to form. This is where everyone feels bad, and wishes they could have done something different. That is why you shouldn’t let it fester. Don’t feel bad; be proactive about asking people: “How are they really doing?”

In a society where we glamorize everything being perfect, it’s time for us to acknowledge the imperfections of our world. Bullying needs to be addressed, not just after a tragedy, but constantly. There needs to be a conversation about bullying because bullies grow up to become bigger bullies. Bigger bullies will eventually pay a price that can be life altering, such as landing in jail. The lesson here is that we need to talk about it, we need to be proactive, and most importantly we need to listen.

Family Dinners are Worth It

Family Dinners are Worth It

Having a family has its perks and drawbacks. Unfortunately, you really don’t get a choice on who your family is, which can make family gatherings a minefield at times. There may be times where you feel like you can’t say anything at a family gathering without someone getting their feelings hurt. You may even dread family dinners because it seems like some family members always brings up your mistakes. Despite all of this, family dinners can be good thing.

At family dinners you get to know each other a little bit better. You may find out things you never knew about your parents or siblings. You may find out little things about each other, like what they don’t like to eat on their tacos. You’ll get to know them better than you ever thought possible, just by spending more time with them.

Family dinners are a great opportunity to ask about family history. Family genealogy is often forgotten, or not passed down anymore. Asking older family members about their passed family members can help you build knowledge about your family tree. Plus there are probably great stories that your family members are dying to share with the next generation.

Family dinners help you feel connected to your family. The world is crazy, and we’re constantly hustling. We get so distracted with our daily lives and problems that we forget about what really matters to us. Family helps us stay grounded and reminds us of what is truly important. A weekly, or even monthly, family dinner can help you feel connected with the rest of your family. It’s great time to catch up with everyone.

Don’t dread family dinners: enjoy them. True, these events can have unpleasant moments because someone’s feelings were hurt. However, don’t let that deter you from spending time together. Enjoy the perk of family, which is a group of people who will always have your back no matter what happens. By spending some quality time with them over dinner, you all come closer together.

How to Show Appreciation

How to Show Appreciation

Showing appreciation is not as easy as saying “thank you,” It’s unfortunately a lot more complicated than sending a thank you card and flowers too. Being appreciative that your family has helped you is one thing, but how do you show it? Showing appreciation is skill, and not everyone has it. Don’t worry; it is skill that anyone can learn. There are several ways to show your appreciation.

Giving well thought out gifts is one way to show your appreciation. Giving a gift from the heart is an obvious way to show someone you care about them. Gifts can range from a homemade card to a diamond ring. It all depends on the person the gift is for, and what you can afford to give. Don’t think about the price tag, think about the sentimental value of the gift yourself. Sometimes the best gifts can be made.

Sometimes giving words of appreciation is the best gift. Some people may not be gift people, but are word people. If that is the case, giving them praise when they do something for you is good. However giving them words of appreciation when they haven’t done anything recently for you can mean a lot more. Saying kind words to your family can go miles, especially if they’ve recently bailed you out of a sticky situation.

Quality time is one of the most underrated ways to show appreciation. The reason why it is underrated is because people sometimes don’t know how to do it correctly. When some people think of quality time, they think about spending the day with that person, while still being on their technology. Quality time is when you give your undivided attention to an individual. That means you’re actively listening them speak and not checking your phone every few minutes.

Appreciation is one of the things in life that should be simple, but it’s actually a bit complicated. It’s something that should be unique to the individual that you are showing the appreciation too. The reason for this is that we are all unique, special people who feel things differently. The important thing is to just try and show appreciation for those who have helped you out in life because life is already hard enough without showing some love.

Oh Happy Spring: Go Enjoy California!

Oh Happy Spring: Go Enjoy California!

Spring is here, and warmer weather is around the corner for us Californians. Right now we are able to bask in the sun, smell the flowers, and wear shorts. Meanwhile the rest of the nation is suffering from post-winter weather. Luckily for us, we live in California and are past that kind of weather. We live in a state that loves good vibes and great views. There’s so much culture and energy.

If you ever need a good pick me up, there are plenty places that you can check out. For starters, California has miles of coastlines waiting to be enjoyed. There are plenty of look out spots all around California that you can drive or hike to. If the coast isn’t you favorite view, don’t worry, California has several different landscapes to choose from. Pack a lunch, grab the family and go for a drive around the beautiful state.

If the views aren’t your thing, or you’re looking for something a bit more livelily, you can check out one of the many concert venues. California has several major concert venues, such as: The Hollywood Bowl, Staple Center, Nokia Lounge, and House of Blues. Performers come from all over the world to play in California, the home of the stars. Don’t forget that California also is the only state that has Coachella. Coachella is a major Music festival that happens once a year in the California desert. Bonding over the music is a great opportunity and music venues are a great place to reconnect with friends and family.

If views, or the music venues don’t make you feel blessed for living in the Sunshine State, don’t forget about the history that California has to offer. From the missions, to museums, there are loads of spots to visit if you want to learn more about the world around you. If you’re curious about art exhibits there’s a museum for that. If dinosaurs are more your thing, there’s a Natural History Museum. Museums are a great place to bring the family too. Finding out more about the world around you is easy, especially in California.

We’re lucky here in California because we get great weather, amazing views, rocking music, and have loads of educational opportunities. We’re not saying we’re the best state in the nation, but we’re also not saying we aren’t. We’re simply saying that we’re extremely blessed to be in this golden state that we get to call home.

Is There a Difference between Jails and Prisons? The Answer May Surprise You

Is There a Difference between Jails and Prisons?

A vast majority of people out there can go their entire lives without ever having to deal with jails or prisons. These people can consider themselves lucky. However, due to this fact, many people do not know that there is a difference between jails and prisons. The two terms do not refer to the same thing.

A person being sent to jail is very different from a person being sent to prison. In one instance, a person may be able to get bailed out, while in the other, the person is stuck until they have served out their sentence.

Jails are correctional facilities that are used as temporary holding. People who are in jail were either, recently arrested and awaiting trial, or were found guilty and are serving a sentence that is shorter than one year. Since people awaiting trial end up in jail, some jail inmates can be bailed out. Due to the short-term nature of jails, they are usually smaller and not as heavily funded as prison. They also have less security since the inmates housed in these facilities have a lower threat level than those housed in prison.

Prisons, on the other hand, are used as long-term housing for convicted criminals. A person serving time in a prison has been convicted of a crime and sentenced to serve more than one year in incarceration. These facilities are much larger than jails and hold more inmates. They receive more funding, offer more facilities to inmates, and have higher security than jail. Once a person is in jail, they will remain there until their sentence has been served.

A person ending up in prison is much worse than ending up in jail. If a person is in jail they won’t be there for too long since jail sentences are never longer than a year. If the person is just awaiting their day in court, they will likely be able to bail out of jail.

Driving Slow in the Fast Lane: Is It Legal?

Driving Slow in the Fast Lane: Is It Legal?

Have you ever been driving down the freeway only to get stuck behind a vehicle doing 55 in the fast lane? It can be incredibly frustrating to get slowed down by someone who can’t drive the speed limit and yet insists on being in the left lane. Unfortunately, it is a pretty common occurrence, especially here in California.

Here in California, we have laws that state if a person is driving slower than the flow of traffic, they need to move over to the left lane. Other states, however, have a different approach to the left lane. In many state across the country, a driver is only allowed to use the left lane to pass another vehicle. After they have done this, they are supposed to return to the right lane.

While many states have this law in effect, a lot of them do not have any actual repercussions for breaking this law. The state of Virginia recently changed that. The state legislature signed a bill into law last July that allowed law enforcement officers to issue tickets to any driver caught going slower than the speed of traffic in the left lane.

Each ticket would cost a driver $100. Since the law went into effect in July of 2017, the state has brought in over one million dollars. Aside from bringing in a nice bit of money for the state government, this also proves that driving slow in the fast lane is a real problem. Ask any driver, and they will tell you that this is a real problem.

With California roads and highways becoming more congested each day, and the state struggling to make ends meet financially, enacting a law like this here might be a win-win situation. Right now, drivers should move to the right if they are holding up traffic, though as most people have seen, this doesn’t happen. A law like this might clear up our roadways nicely.

Mother’s Day in Mexico

Mother’s Day in Mexico

Mother’s Day is always on a Sunday and this is due to the origins of this holiday being tied to Lent, a Christian tradition. The date of Easter influences when Lent and Mother’s Day are. This year, Mother’s Day follows on May 13th, which is coming up fast. However, if you’re confused about the date of Mother’s Day, don’t worry, you’re not alone. The reason why there is some confusion about the date of Mother’s day is because in other countries, like Mexico it’s on Thursday May 10th.

You may be scratching your head and asking why Mother’s Day would be celebrated on a different day in Mexico? Well, the main reason for that is because in Mexico they always appreciate their Mothers on May 10th. They don’t let Lent or Easter influence the date of Mother’s Day. Not only do they celebrate on a different day, they also do it a bit differently.

In Mexico they have Mother’s Day Eve. Traditionally on May 9th, the kids come home to their mothers, no matter the age, and thank them for all their labors. They also give gifts and send flowers, similarly to how we celebrate it here in the United States.

Showing appreciation for our moms is nationally similar, but it still is difficult for many of us. Finding the perfect gift can be tough and extremely frustrating. Don’t get wrapped up in worrying about the gift though. Focus on the message that you are trying to send to your mom. That message can be one of appreciation and love.

Mother’s Day sneaks up fast, but don’t be completely caught off guard. You have from May 10 to May 13 this year to share just how much you appreciate your mom. If you end up missing those days because of life, 10 out of 10 moms would recommend to showing how much you love them every day. Moms give so much for us, so just giving back 10% of what they do for us would be huge.

You Would Miss the Comforts of Home if It Weren’t for Porterville Bail Bonds

You Would Miss the Comforts of Home if It Weren’t for Porterville Bail Bonds

Whenever you go away from home for an extended period of time, you begin to miss the weirdest things. Of course, you miss your loved ones, but you also miss a lot of little things as well, things you never thought you’d miss. You miss your bed, the way your cat runs wildly around the house, and most of all, you miss how comfortable home truly feels. While it is nice to get away for a while, you eventually find yourself counting down the days until you go back home.

At least with vacations, you are in control. However, there are times when you are taken from your home and not allowed to return. This is what happens when you are arrested and sent to jail. You are removed from your life and forced to stay away from it for an undisclosed amount of time. This definitely sounds bad, but there is a solution.

During the trial process, people are typically allowed to post bail. This way, you can stay at home during their trial, and not have to stay in jail. This is a much more comfortable option, the trick is finding a way to do it without draining your bank account. This can easily be done by contacting Porterville Bail Bonds.

For over 30 years, Porterville Bail Bonds has provided Californians with a cheap and affordable method for getting out of jail. All you have to do to get out of jail, is pay us 10% of your bail, and we will then post your bail for you. The best part? You can pay that 10% off on a payment plan, and get bailed out of jail after making your first payment. You do not have to finish paying us before you are released from jail.

This method of bailing you out of jail gets you out quickly, and is infinitely easier than paying for the bail on your own. With our help, you will be able to return to the comfort of your own home in no time at all. You will be able to sleep in your own bed, and laugh at the goofy stuff that your cat does, all while enjoying being at home.

If you ever need to bail out of jail, just contact Porterville Bail Bonds by clicking Chat With Us or by calling 559-784-8660.

Gifts Your Mom Will Appreciate

Gifts Your Mom Will Appreciate

Moms are special. Not just special in how they’re all unique, but special in how much they do for us. The amount of patience they have for our attitudes, problems, and mistakes, are never ending it seems. Moms are truly amazing and need to know this. They give so much of their lives to us that we often feel at a loss as to what to get them in order to show our appreciation.

Gifting your mom with a homemade card can mean a lot to her. It may seem cheesy, especially if you’re older and making a homemade card consists of testing out Pinterest methods. Putting in the time and effort to hand craft the perfect card for your mom will definitely make her smile. Just like how she has handcrafted you in life, this card can show her just how much you care. Even if the card has mistakes, she’ll still love it.

Every mom loves flowers. Take the time and pick out your mom’s favorite flowers for her. If you don’t know what her favorite flowers are, don’t worry about it. Everyone likes flowers; it’s rare for a person to say the hate a specific flower. Again taking the time to pick out the perfect bouquet, or even plant-able flowers, for your mom is always a safe bet for showing your appreciation.

Spoiling your mom with her favorite sweet treats is another way to show affection. Whether it is chocolate, fruit, bread, or any kind of dessert, you mom will definitely be grateful for the thought that you put into selecting her gift. If you can get her sweet treat fresh, do so. That will help maximize her happiness with your gift. Who doesn’t like being spoiled with their favorite guilty pleasure?

Moms are one of a kind, and do so much for us. We wouldn’t be half the person we are today without the help of our mom. While they give us so much, they often expect very little in return. The best gift you can give your mom this mother’s day is your time. Just like how she has given a lot of her time, showing your appreciation by spending time with her is probably more than enough for her.