Bail Process Can Be Rather Confusing | Fair Oaks Bail Bond Store Service

Bail Process Can Be Rather Confusing | Fair Oaks Bail Bond Store Service

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No one ever wanted to get arrested, but unfortunately thousands of people do get arrested everyday. You’d think with such a high number of arrests daily, more people would know about and understand the bail bonds process. It is understandable though, the bail process can be rather confusing to anyone who’s never experienced it before.

Posting a bail bond is an agreement between the signer and the bondsman. The signer is agreeing to pay for ten percent of the total amount of the bond in return for the bondsman bailing out the signer’s loved one. The signer is also stating that their loved one will show up to all their court dates.

Once the initial payment is made, the bondsman contacts the jail and begins to bail out the signer’s loved one. Fair Oaks Bail Bond Store Service can get this done quickly and easily, making the situation less stressful for you. They’ve been bailing Californians out of jail for over twenty-five years. This makes Fair Oak one of the oldest and most reliable bail bonds agencies in California.

Every year, Fair Oak retrains its bondsmen to keep them up to date on everything bail. No other bail bonds agency can compare to Fair Oak’s dedication to making bail bonds simpler for its clients. They strive to you to the best of their abilities. You can absolutely count on them to be there when you need them most.

Rich history. Integrity. A professional business approach. Our word is our bond.

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