Women’s Rights, A Friendly Reminder

Women’s Rights, A Friendly Reminder

Take a seat because we’re about to have a history lesson on women’s right. For some people this doesn’t seem like a very exciting topic. However, that is not the case. Women have gone through a lot to get where they are today, and it’s still not quite perfect. Things may be rough now with catcalling and unfair treatment, but things could be a lot worse.

Women around the world are not equal. In parts of the world, women are extremely limited to what they can wear, do, or be a part of. In some parts of the world, women are seriously harmed and punished for allowing themselves to be raped. While great strides have been made in women’s rights in some areas of the world, others are lagging very far behind.

Not only are women not equal internationally, even here in the US women still struggle with inequality. Some key facts in this argument come from the magazine Marie Claire, from their article titled 14 Ways Women Still Aren’t Equal:

• Women pay more for household goods such as deodorant, shirts, socks, etc.
• Women make, on average, 16% less money than men.
• Women in the military are more than likely to be raped or harassed by their fellow soldiers.
• Young women in high school have less sporting options.

Unfortunately, the facts don’t lie. Women have faced a lot of difficulties over the years and continue to do so. On a positive note, women have gained more rights over the years, which inches them closer to being completely equal with men. The following is a happy reminder of what women have accomplished thus far from the Huffington Post:

1922 – Women gain the right to marry a foreigner and keep their citizenship.
1960 – Women could purchase birth control.
1968 – Women gained the right to have equal access to job listing.
1970 – Women gained the right to be paid the same as men for the work.
1974 – Women gained the right to get a credit card in their own name.
1983 – Women could legally get abortions.
1978 – Women could work without discrimination due to pregnancy.
1985 – Women could divorce their husbands because of “irreconcilable differences.”
1986 – Women could seek damages for sexual harassment in the workplace.
1993 – Marital rape became a criminal offense in all 50 states.
1998 – Women can access the morning after pill.
2009 – Women could file complaints about pay discrimination.
2013 – Woman are allowed to fight on the front lines.
2015 – Women could marry other women.

You can’t ignore that women are definitely treated differently than men. The current Women’s right movement has been a muddy run for rights. There are still things that we as Americans can improve on, but we also must not forget that we’ve come pretty far. The modern girl will never have to worry about losing her American citizenship just because she fell in love with a person from another country. Even though women’s history and suffrage can be boring to some, it’s a key element to what is happening in the world today.

Earth is Kind of Cool, and We Should Keep It That Way

Earth is Kind of Cool, and We Should Keep It That Way

Just a friendly reminder that we all live on the same planet. Earth is the only planet in our solar system with life on it. Not even just life, but with water, oxygen, plants, animals, and people. Without this Earth, we wouldn’t exhaust. It’s the starting point for the human race.

The chances of us being the perfect distance away from the sun is impressive. If we were just a little bit closer, we’d burn up. If we were a little bit further away, we’d freeze. The Earth is in just the right location, and composed of just the right chemical make-up, to allow us to exist. It’s amazing and impressive.

The earth is home to billions of species, including us. All the different kinds of fish and aquatic animals in the ocean can only exist because of the perfect recipe that created earth. The land animals that roam the continents survive because the Earth has provided the correct amount of nutrition. We even survived and continue to thrive on this planet.

Without the Earth, we simply wouldn’t exist. We need Earth to survive because it provides us with everything that we could possibly need. Without the Earth we wouldn’t have been able to build the civilization that we have. The earth has given us so much, but what have we’ve done in return?

As humans we are destructive by nature. We have issues with the Earth now because of our lifestyles. We have polluted the waters with our waste, turning oceans brown and green. Forests have been harvested for lumber and paper, which causes animals to lose their homes. Our cities produce more carbon monoxide than our atmosphere can handle. It’s not a matter of if you believe in global warming or not, it’s matter of recognizing that we have damaged the earth in some way.

Earth Day is coming up April 22, and it’s a good day to remember all the benefits that the Earth gives us. It’s time to appreciate how lucky we are that have this planet, and a time to come up with ways to ensure we keep it safe for many generations to come.

What Is That Strangely Sweet Smelling Cloud Floating Your Way?

What Is That Strangely Sweet Smelling Cloud Floating Your Way?

It’s a nice sunny day and you’re walking around outside. You’re strolling by some of your favorite shops on Main Street. The flowers are in bloom, and the fresh, crisp air smells amazing. As you’re window-shopping, looking for anything and everything, you notice a low hanging cloud.

This low hanging cloud is an odd shape. It lingers and then disappears. You catch a whiff of strawberry, coconut, and cheesecake. You’re confused because you’ve made it to the part of the street where there are no strawberries, coconuts, or cheesecakes around. Then another cloud appears, and it smells the same. You start following this trail of clouds. Eventually you realize where the clouds are coming from.

Your detective skills have led you to a person further down the street. It’s like they’re smoking a cigarette, but cigarettes don’t smell this good. It’s definitely not marijuana, because you do not smell skunk. You’re now curious as to what this cloud is and how it come to be.

When you ask this cloud making person, you find out about vaping. This new age thing is something that all the cool kids are doing apparently. Vaping is similar to smoking a cigarette, except it has different levels of nicotine, and no tobacco. Vaping is essentially smoking water vapors and flavors. However, there is more to it than that.

Vaping is usually done with an electric vaporizing contraption. You can put whatever you want in it and smoke it. If you want to smoke marijuana in one, you can with the right tools. Being able to control what you’re smoking has some benefits.

If you’re trying to quit smoking you can switch to vaping and control the amount of nicotine you get. You can purchase liquids to smoke with different levels of nicotine and eventually wean yourself off smoking.

It is important to know that even through vaping doesn’t seem dangerous, it still can be. You’re still smoking, or inhaling things into your body. Toxins, carcinogens, and other chemicals can enter your body from vaping. It’s important to be aware of what you are putting into your body. According to Vaping 360, a website designed to inform its audience of what vaping is, Popcorn lung can occur from vaping. Popcorn lung is a condition cause by inhaling too much artificial flavoring. Artificial flavoring is what is used in most liquids for vaping.

In addition, vaping devices can also explode. There have been several new stories including a vape exploding in someone’s face as they used it. They may overheat, or malfunction. This is a whole other kind of popcorn effect. There are several ways to prevent or limit the chances of this happening, but you can always just avoid vaping to avoid having it explode in your face.

Vaping is cool to some people. The cloud of fruity smells captures people’s attention all the time. The white fluffy clouds are mystifying. However it’s important to know that vaping can be addictive, and is considered a gateway to smoking other things. If you’re really fascinated by the clouds vaping produces, maybe you should go out and look at some real clouds.

A Passives Person’s Guide to Find Your Voice

A Passives Person’s Guide to Find Your Voice

As a shy person, you are used to sitting back and letting others talk. You have some friends that know you well enough to know that you have opinions but you prefer keeping them to yourself most of the time. You only share your opinions with your longer-term friends that have known you forever. Your friends know you so well that they know you won’t voice your opinion.

You’re completely fine with not speaking up because you don’t like conflict. Shy and passive people, like yourself, don’t mind being quiet. That is until you hit that point. That point when someone has poked at you and pushed your buttons for far too long. Not only have they upset you, but their ignorance is starting to really grind your gears. You let them walk all over you this long, but enough is enough.

Unfortunately, you still don’t like conflict. You never have, and even though you’re irritated about this situation, you don’t know where to begin. You don’t want to be mean, but you also don’t want to be walked all over either. Your friends offer to stand up for you, but you know you have to fight your own battles. You are an independent, strong individual, aren’t you?

Well it’s time to gear up, and put on your tough-guy undies to confront your attacker. This person is messing with your Zen, and they need to knock it off. The first step is taking a deep breath, and preparing for the confrontation. Think about what you want to say in advance and prepare for what they could respond with. Use your words, and filter out any of the emotional clutter you might want to say. Emotional clutter can weaken your stance, and distract you from your goal. Having a mock conversation of what they could say in your head could help build your confidence. Having a higher level of confidence will benefit you.

Lastly, you must actually have the conversation. You can prepare for the conversation all you want, but you still need to actually confront the person. Confronting someone is uncomfortable and something no one ever really wants to do. Being a shy, passive person makes confrontations even more difficult. Just remember, you prepared for this and you need to stand up for yourself.

You have to confront people from time to time. It’s a part of life. The sooner you accept this, the better off you maybe. The more precise, and direct you are with your conversation, the better the outcome will be. You can’t go through life being walked on. You can be shy, passive, and respected. Your friends cannot always speak up for you; it’s time to speak up for yourself.