‘Reasonable Suspicion’ And ‘Probable Cause’ Are Not Quite The Same Thing

‘Reasonable Suspicion’ And ‘Probable Cause’ Are Not Quite The Same Thing

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It’s important for you, as a citizen, to understand the difference between “reasonable suspicion” and “probable cause.” For you, it’s so you know your rights and protections. For the police, it’s what they rely on when deciding to make an arrest, conduct a search or question a person.

Reasonable suspicion is when officers have the reason to believe that an individual they choose to stop, briefly detain and/or question is involved in some criminal activity. Their reason to believe this is developed from their professional training and experience.

Probable cause is when officers have sufficient evidence, facts, and/or circumstances that leads them to believe that the person of interest is the correct person of interest. Probable cause can give officers the right to search and/or seize evidence or make an arrest. An officer must have probable cause to secure a search warrant.

Sometimes, the officers are wronged in their arrests and searches. It’s to your benefit that you know when the officers are acting above their authority. You can argue in court. You must know your rights and protect yourself.

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