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Understanding Zero Down Bail

The average person knows that if someone doesn’t want to sit in jail until their trial, they have to post bail. Most people understand that if they can’t afford to post the bail themselves, they can work with a bail bonds agency and work out a plan to get a bail bond for just 10% of the required bail.

What most people don’t realize is that even if they’re broke, they may still qualify for a bail bond. It’s even possible that they can finalize the bail bond and walk out of jail in about 24 hours or less.

How is this possible?

Porterville Bail Bonds make it possible by offering their clients zero down bail bond payments.

It’s important to understand that a zero down bail bond is not the same as being released on your own recognizance. When all is said and done, you’ll still have to pay the bail bond agency 10% of the bail bond. The zero-down bail payment simply makes it easier to get the ball rolling while also making bail more feasible for everyone.

Zero-down bail bond payments are very similar to a car loan or mortgage. In exchange for the bail bond, you set up a regular payment plan that’s designed to cover the fee the bail bonds agency charges. The payment plan must be in place before the agency writes the bail bond.

Not everyone is going to qualify for the zero-down payment plan. To qualify, the applicant needs good credit, collateral, a job, and someone who is willing to work as a co-signer. The individual also needs to understand that if they default on a single payment, the bail bond will be revoked, they’ll be arrested again, and it will be very difficult to find another bail bond agency that’s willing to take a chance on them a second time.

Another thing that makes the zero down bail bond payment different from a car payment is that the payments are often made more frequently.

Before you commit yourself to a zero-down bail bond plan, make sure you double-check that no interest will be charged. As long as there isn’t any interest attached to the payment plan, in the end, you’ll only pay 10% of the bail bond, which is what you would have paid had you been able to afford the bail bond outright.

Want to learn more about our zero down payment plan and decide if it’s right for you? Contact us by calling 559-784-8660 or clicking the Chat With Us now link. We’re available 24/7, and all our consultations are free.

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Can Bail Be Denied?

The Eighth Amendment prevents judges from getting too crazy when they set bail. If pressured, they have to provide legitimate reasons for why they set a high bail. What some people don’t realize is that the judge isn’t obligated to set bail at all.

If your lawyer fails to provide a compelling case as to why you should be released on bail and you’re facing serious criminal charges, it’s possible that the judge will decide to refuse to provide you with the option of posting bail. They are legally allowed to make this decision.

The good news is that most judges don’t like to deny bail. They may set a really high bail, but they rarely refuse you the option of posting bail. In rare cases, a judge does deny bail, and they usually have a really good reason for doing so. Some reasons to deny bail include the following:

✨ There is reason to believe you’re a flight risk.
✨ There’s reason to believe additional charges are about to be filed against you.
✨ Your criminal history

The good news is that you are allowed to appeal a bail denial. Appealing bail usually requires you to go to a higher court than the one that set your bail. In many cases, this means additional legal expenses and takes from resources that could be dedicated to avoiding a conviction. It’s up to you to decide if appealing your bail is a worthwhile use of your legal resources.

While we can’t help you appeal a bail denial, we’re ready and willing to help you out once bail is granted. No matter how high or low the bail is, we have the resources needed to get you out of jail. In exchange for a fee that adds up to 10% of the required bail, we’ll post a bail bond, and you’ll be released.

Is the 10% fee a little high for you? That’s not a problem when you turn to Porterville Bail Bonds. We are renowned for our flexible payment plan, which allows you to make payments. These payments are zero down and zero percent interest.

Free consultations with a live, knowledgeable bail bond rep are available 24/7, so contact us today and learn more about the bail bond process and how you’ll benefit from it.