An Easy Way to Report Tips Anonymously

Dont Leave a Loved One in Jail Because of the Cost

An Easy Way to Report Tips Anonymously

An Easy Way to Report Tips Anonymously

Often times, when it comes to reporting crimes, people are afraid to do so. There is a fear that by doing so, something bad will happen to them. That is why many law enforcement agencies have worked to create ways for people to contact them anonymously. This way, the agencies can still get the information they need from the general public, and the tipster can help out without fear of getting into trouble.

One way of doing this is through Crime Stoppers. This is organization operates all over the United States and is here in California as well. One branch covers crimes in the Los Angeles region. The organization takes anonymous tips and forwards them to local law enforcement agencies in order to help them solve cases.

Crime Stoppers offers three different ways for a person to supply an anonymous tip, making it a very easy thing to do. A person can leave a tip:

• Online at the Crime Stoppers’ website.
• Over the phone with the toll free number available on their site.
• Through the P3 Tips mobile app.

Crime Stoppers even offers rewards for tips that help lead to arrests in certain cases.

With Crime Stoppers, people can provide their local law enforcement with the tips they need to solve a case while still remaining anonymous. They do not have to worry about getting into any kind of trouble just for getting involved.